Fix SharePoint and Teams content sprawl.

Use SProbot's governance tools to keep your tenant tidy with less duplicate content, better security, and more consistency.

Unmanaged Teams and SharePoint workspaces make it difficult for people to find content.

We help you solve this problem with templates, governance rules, approval, and a workspace directory.

Screenshot of the Teams structure designer in SProbot
Screenshot of SProbot's Teams template creation and build buttons
Screenshot of the SProbot snapshot creation button

Use the template wizard to create Teams and SharePoint  templates

Define and manage sites, channels, folders, pages, content types and permissions using SProbot's template design and in-place snapshot tools.

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Set rules to govern workspace provisioning

Need to ensure that specific types of workspaces follow naming conventions and are locked down?

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Create provisioning pipelines which define the governance and approval rules for creation of Teams and SharePoint sites

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Enable workspaces requests directly from within Teams

More about governance
Screenshot of the Ownership and Governance rules of a SProbot pipeline
Screenshot of a Teams request form in SProbot

Manage workspace approval

Need to create workspaces only once approved by management?

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Clearly indicate the process on the request form for a workspace

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Enable approvers to manage requests using a dashboard

More about approval

Help your users find content

The workspace directory can be searched directly from within Teams to discover both teams and SharePoint sites.

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Search by title, description, category or owner

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Group owners decide whether they want their teams or sites to be discoverable in the directory by users who don't have access yet

More about the directory
Screenshot of the Ownership and Governance rules of a SProbot pipeline

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Who is SProbot for?

Teams & SharePoint admins

  • Meet governance goals around security, structure and naming conventions.
  • Reduce user support with consistent, understandable templates.
  • Free up time by enabling users to request workspaces by themselves, but retain approval control to prevent unnecessary sprawl.
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Microsoft 365 consultants

  • Save time when developing new  Teams and SharePoint frameworks for clients.
  • Set up templates and provisioning pipelines for your clients and bill them for their usage.
  • Implement governance plans with tangible rules and guidance to users.
  • Quickly and easily reproduce multiple complex sites.
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IT managers

  • Reduce Teams and SharePoint sprawl and storage costs by preventing the creation of unnecessary workspaces.
  • Reduce support costs by freeing up engineers from spending time explaining how to build new workspaces from a blank slate.
  • Meet Microsoft 365 governance objectives for protection of sensitive data with workspace lockdown rules.
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It's our mission to help you better manage workspaces in Microsoft 365.

Why? Because we're also SharePoint and Teams admins.
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