We're on a mission to build a better SharePoint site creation experience.

We're a team of Microsoft 365 consultants who hate creating teams and team sites manually.

We know you hate this too. This is why we're building SProbot.

Where did we start?

The BSOLVE team started tinkering with SharePoint (in those days SharePoint Team Services) in 2003. It was clumsy, but we saw the potential.

What have we built?

Over the years, we've used SharePoint as the backbone for more than 100 Intranets and business process applications, from simple ones for 10-person PR firms to sprawling structures for 50,000-person financial services multinationals.

How does it usually go?

In all instances, creating a structure of any kind starts with a Visio (or these days sometimes Miro) diagram. Stakeholders give their inputs, they agree, they say "wait, hang on" and then agree again.

We then progress the structure to a spreadsheet with URL mappings, permission settings and special comments.

Next, we manually build and demo the structure.

But then, someone realises (usually no fault of their own) that something doesn't work well. So we go back to the drawing board and manually rebuild what needs to change.

This is not an efficient process.

What about templates?

Organisations often need multiple instances of pre-built structures. The challenges are that:

  • SharePoint site templates can't easily be adjusted and do not include content.
  • It's hard to enforce governance rules when workspaces are created using out-of-the-box processes.
  • SharePoint and Teams don't have a provisioning process which makes it easy to request, approve and generate workspaces at scale.

SProbot is our solution to a challenge faced by Microsoft 365 consultants and admins across the globe.

We want to help you:

The robot is currently in beta

The early access group is unfortunately closed, but we'd be glad to give you a demo of what's coming soon!

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