We're on a mission to build a better SharePoint and Teams creation and management experience.

We're a team of Microsoft 365 consultants who hate creating and governing teams and SharePoint team sites manually.

We know you hate this too. This is why we're building SProbot.

Where did we start?

The BSOLVE team started tinkering with SharePoint (in those days SharePoint Team Services) in 2003. It was clumsy, but we saw the potential.

What have we built?

Over the years, we've used SharePoint as the backbone for more than 100 Intranets and business process applications, from simple ones for 10-person PR firms to sprawling structures for 50,000-person financial services multinationals.

We've also deployed and manage Teams for organizations of all sizes across several industries.

What frustrates us?

Microsoft provides a reasonable set of admin tools with which to manage a generic SharePoint and Teams environment.

The problem is that every organization's requirements are different, and one size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to governance and management.

We've found that in all the companies we've worked with, governance mechanisms are too complex and content sprawl and discoverability eventually becomes an issue.

OK, but what frustrates us specifically?

  • Teams and SharePoint templates are hard to manage centrally. They're not easy to create, can't easily be adjusted without scripting skills, and do not always include everything you need.
  • The OOTB (Out Of The Box) SharePoint and Teams creation process does not include validation or justification of the need for a workspace to exist. This seems user-friendly and great for adoption, but unrestricted creation can very quickly lead to unwanted content sprawl and content duplication.
  • The standard administrative tools don't easily enable targeting of specific types of workspace configurations (including security and naming conventions) to specific groups of users without substantial scripting and automation efforts.

SProbot is our solution to a challenge faced by Microsoft 365 consultants and admins across the globe.

We want to help you:

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