Enforce regulatory compliance in Microsoft 365

Automatically apply governance rules to Teams and SharePoint team sites to enforce naming conventions, ownership criteria and security settings

Your pain: You need to meet regulatory requirements around data protection, data segregation and accountability

Regulations in your industry may require you to put safeguards in place to ensure that certain types of information isn't shared externally, isn't accessed by workers with conflicting interests, and is managed by a minimum number of stakeholders.

The solution: Apply security and ownership rules to new workspaces

Using SProbot's Teams and SharePoint governance rules, you can automatically set the sharing settings on applicable types of newly created workspaces to a restricted state.

You can also require a minimum number of owners, and limit availability of specific types of workspaces to certain Microsoft 365 or Azure AD groups.

Learn about governance with provisioning pipelines

Why you need Teams and SharePoint governance

Because Microsoft 365 makes it so easy to create a SharePoint site or a team, people tend to create new workspaces without considering whether a suitable container already exists, what template to use if not, or what the appropriate security settings should be.

This often results in uncontrolled content sprawl.

Gain control of your tenant by putting in place automated provisioning, driven by centrally managed templates and clearly defined governance rules.

Reduce content sprawl

Prevent duplicate and other unnecessary workspaces from being created with clearly defined governance policies.

Help users consider whether their need for a new container is justified by guiding them through the creation process.

Save time

Eliminate the time wasted setting up complex workspaces from scratch every time.

Create and easily update templates to include standard navigation, libraries, pages and permissions so your users can hit the ground running.

Empower your users

Give your users the tools to create their own workspaces without giving up governance control.

Enable a simplified SharePoint and Teams creation process with request forms which clearly explain the purpose and settings of each template type.

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