Learn how to use SProbot to reach your SharePoint and Teams templating, provisioning and governance goals

Need to know how to connect to your tenant and manage templates, pipelines and your workspace directory? Use the guides below to get oriented.

Require a SharePoint site or team to have multiple owners

This guide shows you how to use the pipeline rules in SProbot to require multiple owners to be specified when a workspace is created.

Apply custom SharePoint and Teams site quotas

This guide shows you how to use the pipeline rules feature in SProbot to apply different storage quotas to different types of workspaces.

Manage workspace directory categories

Use the categorisation functionality in SProbot to classify workspaces according to region, business unit, area, or any other tag relevant in your organisation.

Disable standard Teams and SharePoint site creation

Learn how to disable standard Team and SharePoint site creation for end-users when switching to request and creation with pipelines.

Limit default SharePoint site sharing settings with SProbot

Use the default sharing settings feature in SProbot to prevent Microsoft 365 group owners and members from accidentally sharing sensitive information.

Prevent guest access to Teams with SProbot

Use the guest access lockdown feature in SProbot pipelines to prevent external users from being added to teams.

Create a Microsoft Teams template with SProbot

The Teams template designer enables you to create and manage a team channel and folder template, and then apply governance with a request pipeline.

Approve Teams and SharePoint workspace requests

Learn how to use the approval functionality in SProbot to review and approve requests for Teams and SharePoint workspaces before they are created.

Make the SProbot Teams app available to your users

Use the steps in this guide to make the SProbot Workspaces app available to your users in Teams.

Display a workspace request form on a SharePoint page

Use the SProbot workspace request web part to enable your users to submit a Teams or SharePoint workspace request from within a SharePoint page.

How SharePoint snapshots work in SProbot

An explanation of what SharePoint site snapshots are, what they contain, and how they are connected to templates.

How permissions work in SProbot

This guide will help you to understand how the various roles in SProbot interact with each other.

Build Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites with SProbot

Once you’ve created a Teams or SharePoint template, you can directly build a workspace from the template designer.

Create a pipeline to enable SharePoint and Teams governance

Use a pipeline to apply governance rules to SharePoint and Teams workspace requests, while retaining self-service.

Create a SharePoint template with SProbot

Use the SharePoint template designer to snapshot an existing SharePoint Online site and use it to apply self-service governance rules with a pipeline.

Connect SProbot to your Microsoft tenant

Before you can start designing structures, creating templates, building sites or publishing provisioning pipelines, you need to connect to your tenant.

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