Clean up duplicate teams and SharePoint sites

Free up storage on your tenant by finding and deleting duplicate SharePoint sites and teams.

Your problem: Duplicate SharePoint and teams content is cluttering your tenant

Teams makes it very easy to accidentally create duplicate workspaces. When you enter the name for a new team, there is no duplicate name validation, only the URL is automatically incremented for uniqueness.

All you need is a few users working in overlapping areas of your organization to create what they believe to be the single correct location for content without being aware of each other's actions, and you immediately have duplicates. Over time, this results in a myriad of issues:

  • Documents are stored and edited in incorrect locations and then have to be moved and reworked, wasting time.
  • The wrong copies of important documents are sent to clients and partners.
  • People use outdated files as trusted references without being aware that the locations they found them are obsolete.

The solution: Delete redundant duplicate sites and teams

Step 1 - Identify duplicate sites

SProbot's duplicate workspace cleanup tool provides a report of all workspaces which share the same name, but with different SharePoint site URLs.

Step 2- Delete duplicate sites

Once you've identified the correct workspaces to keep , it's as easy as selecting to delete those you've determined to be obsolete or redundant.

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution?

If you're not quite ready to commit to a third-party tool yet, have a look at cleaning up duplicates with various freely available options.

Why you need Teams and SharePoint governance

Because Microsoft 365 makes it so easy to create a SharePoint site or a team, people tend to create new workspaces without considering whether a suitable container already exists, what template to use if not, or what the appropriate security settings should be.

This often results in uncontrolled content sprawl.

Gain control of your tenant by using SProbot's AI-powered cleanup tools to get rid of unwanted SharePoint sites and teams, and then put in place controlled new workspace provisioning, driven by centrally managed templates and clearly defined governance rules.

Reduce content sprawl

Audit your existing tenant content with a set of clean-up tools which target the most common unwanted, obsolete and unmanaged workspace types.

Prevent duplicate and other unnecessary workspaces from being created with clearly defined governance policies.

Save time

Enable your users to find SharePoint sites and teams through search which is powered by descriptions and tags which are automatically created by AI.

Create and easily update templates to include standard navigation, libraries, pages and permissions so your users can hit the ground running.

Empower your users

Give your users the tools to create their own workspaces without giving up governance control.

Enable a simplified SharePoint and Teams creation process with request forms which clearly explain the purpose and settings of each template type.

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