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SProbot functionality updates - June 2023

New functionality in June 2023 includes automatic hub site association, and the ability to define a site's default sharing settings.
Martin Hattingh
July 6, 2023
1 min to read

The SProbot development team has been busy as winter gets colder here in South Africa! We're building momentum in our mission to deliver the great Microsoft 365 workspace management experience you've told us you want.

What's new in June 2023

Pipelines now support hub site association

Need SharePoint team sites created with a pipeline to automatically be associated to a specific hub? The pipeline configuration screen now enables you to select from the available hubs on the tenant.

Hub site assocation dropdown

Any sites created using the pipeline's request form will automatically be associated to the hub you've specified.

Your users don't need to know what the correct hub for a purpose is anymore, you can define that for them upfront and let them focus on picking the most suitable template for their needs instead (or you can simply point them to the template you want them to use if that fits your process better).

You can define default site sharing settings

Need to have locked down sharing settings for newly created team sites? You can now set a pipeline to default all sites created through it to locked down state, with sharing limited to site owners, and access requests switched off.

Defaulting a team site's sharing to these settings prevents accidental sharing of sensitive content by group members, and is an important tool in your governance toolbox.

You can select whether a library displays in the navigation

In the Designer, you can choose whether each library shows in the site's navigation or not.

PS: SProbot is now also listed on Tekpon :-)

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