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Reduce Teams and SharePoint headaches

IT leaders don't have time for the problems created by content sprawl and lack of governance in Teams and SharePoint.

We're here to help remove that from your plate.

Your pain: Creation of Teams and SharePoint sites is out of control

When users can freely create both Teams and SharePoint team sites, you can very quickly have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of workspaces in your tenant.

This results in:

  • Frustration when searching for content
  • Increased support requests from users who can't find workspaces or are directed to workspaces they don't yet have access to (or shouldn't have access to)
  • Higher risk of data leaks from abandoned teams and team sites

The solution: Provision workspaces with governance built in

Disable the standard Create button, but instead of preventing people from creating workspaces altogether, empower them with governance-enabled self-service.

You can enable business area owners to define workspace templates and set the rules for creation, then give your users request forms with an approval step built in.

Learn about governance with provisioning pipelines

Screenshot of a workspace request form within SProbot

Why you need Teams and SharePoint governance

Teams and SharePoint are incredibly versatile platforms, but they're designed around the needs of the average user. You're not average.

Gain control of your tenant by putting in place automated provisioning, driven by centrally managed templates and clearly defined governance rules.

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Reduce content sprawl

Prevent duplicate and other unnecessary workspaces from being created with clearly defined governance policies.

Help users consider whether their need for a new container is justified by guiding them through the creation process.

Save time

Eliminate the time wasted setting up complex workspaces from scratch every time.

Create and easily update templates to include the standard libraries, content types and even content templates your users need and expect.

Empower your users

Give your users the tools to create their own workspaces without giving up governance control.

Enable a simplified SharePoint team site and Teams creation process with self service request forms which can be customised to the task at hand‍

The robot is currently in beta

The early access group is unfortunately closed, but we'd be glad to give you a demo of what's coming soon!

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