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Adding SProbot to your Microsoft 365 offering enables you to solve challenging problems and improve the quality of service you deliver.

We designed these tools  with our fellow Microsoft Partners in mind and enable you to offer a managed clean-up, templating, provisioning and content discovery service on your terms, at a cost you determine.

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What is SProbot?

SProbot is a Microsoft 365 governance tool which helps you keep the SharePoint and Teams content on your tenant tidy, with less duplicates, better security and more consistency.

What problem does it solve?

SharePoint and Teams creation without governance causes uncontrolled content sprawl on most tenants, resulting in a multitude of duplicate, obsolete, ownerless, abandoned or incorrectly secured workspaces.

What is the SProbot solution?

SProbot fixes and prevents ongoing content sprawl by enabling you to:

  • Clean up outdated Teams and SharePoint sites
  • Use templates, rules and approval to govern the creation of new workspaces
  • Give your users a metadata-rich workspace directory to help them find the site or team they're looking for

Core benefits

A tidy tenant boosts productivity because it's faster and easier for people to find the content they need to work efficiently. Tenants which are in shape also:

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Increase security
  • Improve content discoverability
  • Eliminate outdated content
  • Prevent duplicates
  • Reduce support requests
  • Prevent content from being lost

Who is SProbot for?

  • IT managers who want to reduce support requests and improve governance
  • SharePoint admins who want to reduce daily admin tasks by empowering users with governed self-service
  • Business leaders who want to define workspace templates and ownership rules for content they're accountable for
  • End-users who are frustrated by duplicates and an inability to find the "single version of the truth"

How much does it cost?

SProbot is a subscription service and is licensed per tenant, with a free 30-day trial. Pricing is dependent on the number of users in these tiers:

  • 0-249 users - $90/month
  • 250-999 users - $200/month
  • 1000-4999 users - $300/month
  • 5000+ users - Custom per user pricing

How do I get started?

SProbot can be enabled within 30min and needs only a few steps to be completed by the Global Administrator on the tenant. Once these steps have been completed, you can start cleaning up obsolete workspaces, creating templates and making workspace request forms available to your users.

Get in touch with us to start the onboarding process and get your tenant into better shape!

Why you need Teams and SharePoint governance

Because Microsoft 365 makes it so easy to create a SharePoint site or a team, people tend to create new workspaces without considering whether a suitable container already exists, what template to use if not, or what the appropriate security settings should be.

This often results in uncontrolled content sprawl.

Gain control of your tenant by putting in place automated provisioning, driven by centrally managed templates and clearly defined governance rules.

Reduce content sprawl

Prevent duplicate and other unnecessary workspaces from being created with clearly defined governance policies.

Help users consider whether their need for a new container is justified by guiding them through the creation process.

Save time

Eliminate the time wasted setting up complex workspaces from scratch every time.

Create and easily update templates to include standard navigation, libraries, pages and permissions so your users can hit the ground running.

Empower your users

Give your users the tools to create their own workspaces without giving up governance control.

Enable a simplified SharePoint and Teams creation process with request forms which clearly explain the purpose and settings of each template type.

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