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Approve Teams and SharePoint workspace requests

Provisioning pipelines in SProbot can be configured to require approval before building commences. This is useful for scenarios where you want leadership within a specific area of your organization to review requests for new workspaces before they are created, such as in areas where many unnecessary builds take place (or an overwhelming number of workspaces already exist).

Step 1 - Create a pipeline

If you haven't already created a pipeline, read this guide.

Step 2 - Enable approval on a pipeline

In the Approval step of the pipeline wizard, check the Builds using this pipeline require approval option, then select the users you want to be able to approve requests.

Screenshot of enabling approval on a Teams request pipeline in SProbot

The first time someone is added as an approver on a pipeline, they receive an email notification with a link to log into SProbot with access only to approval functionality. Approvers do not have access to template, pipeline or other administrative functionality.

Save the pipeline to make the change effective.

Step 3 - View the request form

When approval is enabled on a pipeline, the request form displays the This request needs approval flag.

Screenshot of a request form on which approval is enabled

All the approvers you have specified will receive an email each time a users submits a build request using the pipeline's request form.

Step 4 - View and action approval requests

Two types of users can view and action approval requests:

  • Tenant approvers - Each tenant approver can view and action build requests for the pipelines on which they are an approver.
  • Tenant administrators - Tenant admins can view and action all build requests.
Screenshot of the tenant home page for an approver

Each time someone requests a build on an approval-enabled pipeline, all approvers for that pipeline receive an email notification. Approval requests are not linked to a specific person, anyone who is part of the approval group can action a build.

Builds which need to be approved are flagged with the orange status Pending approval in the Latest builds requiring attention panel.

To action a pending build, open and review it.

Screenshot of the approval dialog for an SProbot build item

Declining requests

To decline a request, you have to provide a reason. When a request is declined, the original requester receives an email notification.

Approving requests

No reason is needed to approve a request. As soon as a build is approved, it moves to the build queue to be processed in Building state.

Screenshot of a SProbot build in "Building" state

Once a build completes, everyone specified as an owner receives a success notification.

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