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Import existing sites and Teams into SProbot

SProbot enables you to import all the existing SharePoint sites and teams on your tenant to make it possible for them to be enriched by AI, listed in the workspace directory for content discovery, and managed by the cleanup tools.

This guide explains how to do an initial import and then ensure that it runs automatically on a daily basis.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Import & Enrich setup

You'll find the configuration for importing and enriching under Directory > Import & Enrich

The first time you set this up, you'll see the counter showing 0 sites, and AI enrichment disabled.

Screenshot of the SProbot configuration settings for directory import and AI enrichment

Step 2 - Select whether you want to enable automatic daily import

Automatic daily imports will ensure that the directory is always up to date with the latest information on your tenant. Enabling it is not only highly recommended, but required for much of the automation in SProbot to work. This setting is enabled by default, but should you want to do manual imports (eg if you're only using limited functionality in SProbot) you can uncheck this setting.

Builds completed with pipelines are automatically added to the directory as they take place and do not need an import to be completed before they are accessible.

Step 3 - Start the first import

To start the first import, simply click Import. This will put your import into the queue to be processed. As soon as you queue an import, you'll see the daily import timestamp show as 24 hours from the current time.

No need to check on the queue status, you'll receive an email notification when the import completes.

When the import starts, you'll see the percentage indicator showing current progress. The duration of an import depends on the number of sites in your tenant.

When an import is complete, you'll receive an email notification and see the completed timestamp. You can also at this point re-run the import, if for example important sites you want to action immediately have been added since the last import.

When workspaces are deleted (using any of the cleanup tools, or manually by users or using the SharePoint or Teams admin centers), they are automatically removed from the directory on the next import run.

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