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Use AI to enrich SharePoint and Teams in your tenant

SProbot enables you to enrich the metadata about SharePoint sites and teams with detailed descriptions and tags generated by Azure AI. These descriptions and tags can then be used to easily search and filter to find workspaces with a large degree of accuracy. It also enables the cleanup tools to identify sites which contain certain types of content for removal or reassignment.

This guide explains how to start an initial and subsequent enrichment runs.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Import & Enrich setup

You'll find the configuration for enriching under Directory > Import & Enrich

Before you can run enrichment on your tenant, you first need to have run at least one directory import (the enrichment process uses the directory to enable it to index workspaces). In the example below, 4501 sites have been imported on the tenant.

Screenshot of the SProbot AI enrichment interface

Step 2 - Start enrichment

To start an enrichment run, click Enrich. This will put the process into the queue to automatically start once AI capacity becomes available. Depending on the current load, capability may be available immediately or only in an hour or two.

The enrichment process itself is long-running and in most instances will take several hours or longer to complete. Its duration is dependent on the complexity of the structure and volume of files in the SharePoint sites on your tenant, and you will see a progress indicator showing the current status.

Step 3 - Re-run enrichment

How often you can do enrichment of the workspaces on your tenant depends on your subscription. When a run completes, you will always see "You may run enrichment again in X days"

How enrichment works

When you use AI to enrich the metadata about SharePoint sites in your tenant, Azure AI processes each individual site to:

  • Generate a short description of what the site is and what content it contains.
  • Generate a set of tags which can be used to identify the site's purpose.
  • Evaluate whether the site contains any content which might need to be cleaned up or governed.

It does this by looking at:

  1. The site's title.
  2. The titles of lists and libraries in the site.
  3. The names of the most recent folders in libraries.
  4. The names of the most recent files in libraries.

How much does enrichment cost?

The cost to enrich the SharePoint sites in your tenant is dependent on

  • The complexity and volume of content on the tenant at that point in time
  • The proportion of content which has been modified since the last run
  • The underlying cost of Microsoft Azure AI services at that point in time
  • The version of the SProbot AI processing code at that point in time

Before you initiate an enrichment run, the estimated cost of that run will be shown to you. When you proceed, the final cost of the run will deducted from your available credit once processing has completed.

If the estimated cost of a run exceeds your available credit, you will not be able to proceed with the run before purchasing more credit first. For full details on enrichment costing and pricing, see our terms of service.

Is enrichment secure?

SProbot is architected with security in mind from the ground up. All endpoints are secured and we take great care to ensure that your data is kept safe.

During enrichment Azure AI only keeps the tenant data it's processing in memory for the time it takes to process. It is immediately deleted afterwards and the only data which remains and is stored in SProbot is the output description, tags and flags.

Is my data used for AI training?

No, your data is never used to train the AI. The SProbot team from time to time looks at the quality of outputs and makes refinements to the prompting used to generate them, but this is always done broadly across all users and based on the technical team's experience with content management in SharePoint and Teams.

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