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Limit default SharePoint site sharing settings with SProbot

What are site sharing settings?

When certain categories of workspaces contain sensitive information, it's sensible to put measures in place to prevent members from accidentally sharing files and folders.

The Site sharing settings option in a SharePoint team site enable you to define who is able to use the share button. It also enables you to enable or disable access requests for the site. Because a linked team site is the storage mechanism for a team, applying these settings also prevents sharing by members from within Teams itself.

SProbot enables site sharing settings to be configured on a pipeline, which automatically applies the chosen setting to all teams and team sites requested by users and created by the pipeline.

Define the setting

In the Governance Rules step of a pipeline, use the Sharing is limited by default checkbox to toggle sharing to its maximum limitation.

Screenshot of the governance rules of a pipeline with an arrow pointing to "Sharing is limited by default"

Effects of the setting

When a team or team site is created through the pipeline, the setting under Site settings > Site permissions > Change how members can share is automatically toggled to "Only site owners can share files, folders, and the site".

Screenshot of the Site Sharing section of Site Permissions
Screenshot of detail of site sharing settings

In addition, Allow access requests is toggled to Off.


It is important to remember that this setting is a site-level configuration which can be changed by site owners after the initial creation process. It is intended to prevent accidental and not malicious sharing.

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