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Build Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites with SProbot

This is step three in your SProbot journey, after you’ve created a template

Once you have a template, you'll most likely want to use it to enable your users to request Teams and SharePoint workspaces using a provisioning pipeline with governance rules, but you can also build Teams and SharePoint team sites directly from templates.

Step 1: Select the template to build from

Open a template from your tenant's home page.

Step 2: Start a build

Use the Build now button to initiate a new build.

Step 3: Specify your build details

Name your build:

Then confirm the build details and kick it

Name your build and continue to the detail confirmation step.

In this step, the site name will automatically be populated with the site collection name(s) in your design or template (which you may have made generic in the case of a design intended to be a template).

You can change the Site name to the end-result you want, and you need to pick the group owner (each site collection is created as a Group-connected Team Site). Your site name will be verified to make sure that the group mail address and URL are available. Once they have been verified with a green check you can start the build process to automatically create the site structure in SharePoint.

When the build is complete, you'll be able to open each of the completed sites in a new tab.

Once you close the completed build form you will see it listed under Latest builds on the tenant home page.

Next step: Need your users to be able to request a build themselves? Create a pipeline.

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November 30, 2023
Limit default SharePoint site sharing settings with SProbot

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October 19, 2023
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October 19, 2023

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